2008 UKM 1st Class Law Student – Kee Meng Fai


Hi Meng Fai, first of all, we wish to congratulate you for obtaining 1st class honour in LLB.

Q: Can you tell us about yourself?

A: I come from a family of four, me being the eldest and I am from KL. I had my primary education in SRJK (C) Sentul and secondary education In Methodist Boys Secondary School Kuala Lumpur. I did my LLB in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Q: Did you expect that you would be graduating with a 1st class degree? How did you feel when you came to know about your results?

A: I did not really expect to graduate with 1st class as I did not put a lot of emphasis on the results. I believe that results do not define how good a lawyer you are. But nonetheless, I was excited to know about my result.

Q: How many of your classmates managed to graduate with a 1st class degree this year? Who are they?

A: There are four of us who graduated with 1st class. They are  Chai Wai Hong, Chin Hui Juin, Lee Fong Ling and I.

Q: We also understand that you have also been awarded with UKM’s “Anugerah DiRaja” during the recent Convocation Ceremony held on 9 August 2008.  Can you briefly explain about the award and what are the criteria to receive such an award? Can you list down some of your achievements that helped you win this award?

A:  This Award is given by the Chancellor of UKM to acknowledge the achievements of students who excel in academic as well as co-curriculum activities. The award is given to two students who has achieve results higher than 3.67 and has exhibited leadership qualities during their course of study.  I believe that my experience in debating and mooting has helped a lot in this area. Among others, I participated in the Asian Law Students Conference in Jakarta and UKM won the debating tournament and I won the Best Debater award. I have also won the Inter University law faculty Bahasa Malaysia Debate. My other experience is participating in other Asian Level conference and tournaments would have scored points too.

Q: Can you share some secrets/tips for achieving excellent academic results?

I believe that there is no one secret that works for all. I guess it is about finding out how you work best and never put too much pressure on yourself. You need not compare yourself to everyone, just do what you can and make sure it is always your personal best.

Q: Do you think that extra-curricular activities are important? Why?

A: I think that it is very important to equip yourself with the real challenges in life. It allows you to be exposed to other areas which are not made as your syllabus, and along the way, it helps to build your other qualities like leadership, inter-personal skills, planning and etc. You will discover your strengths and weakness that you never knew you had.

Q: What is your main motivation in your studies? Were you inspired by anyone or anything?

A: It would have to be my parents and family. They have given up so much for me and it is only right that I make them proud. It is vital that I let my parents know that they need not worry about my future. Besides that, all my teachers and lectures have given so much dedication in educating me and I have to do them justice too. One more dream would be to prove that local universities especially UKM is not like what is perceived as of lower standard than foreign universities. We are on par and can too contribute to the nation in our own way. Changing this perception has pushed me to work harder.

Q: Where are you chambering now?

A: Messrs Sivananthan.

Q: Why did you choose to chamber there instead of a bigger firm? I am sure with your qualifications; there would be no problem for you to secure a chambering position in one of the large firms.

A: That is because I believe in the firm’s integrity and the quality in their work. I believe that any firm whatever its size will offer you something to learn. I am interested in doing building and construction law and this firm as well as my master provide me the opportunity to venture into this area.

Q: Do you find practising law and studying law different? If yes, what are the main differences?

A: Definitely. In studying law, we are only thinking about what the law is and even more so when answering exam questions as we are only concern in one area of law. In practice, we need to take into consideration of the client’s interest, the context of the situation, strategies and many other factors. Sometimes what the client wants might not be what is best for them and the whole aspect of dealing with clients is also an area that is not thought in universities.

Q: How do you see yourself career wise in 5 years time from now?

A: Hopefully in the current field that I am pursuing. I hope to be able to make a mark in this field.

Q: It now seems to be a trend to work abroad. Would you consider working abroad in the future? If yes, where?

A: Not in the near future. I am contended with what I am learning now and I believe that there is still much to be learned.

Q: What is your view on recent Malaysian politic climate?

A: I think that there is a healthy growth as people are exercising their rights more carefully and especially the younger generation, who are now more aware of the current situation. We use to just vote without deeper analysis and information, but the current situation has really allowed political awareness to grow and mature.

(We met Meng Fai during the 2008 UKM law night, he seems to be a hardworking and humble law student. He likes to ask questions espacially those concerning the real life in practice. We wish him can do equally well in his practice and as he said to “make a mark in this (building & construction law) field.)  

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  1. Chong Sai Oe says:

    As it appears , you are a dedicated scholar of great distinction & not arrogant before you attain par excellence in actual legal practice . My advice if you may permit is be wise & selective in your learning curve . The sad truth is not many practitioners meant what they said . Don’t take any words for granted . That’s Rule No 1 .
    I leave other concerned lawyers to voice their if so wishes . Take care . Knowledge can be a double -edged sword .

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