30 people to watch in the business of law in Asia in 2015


(picture source: Asia Law Portal )

To mark the beginning of the year 2015, Asia Law Portal published a list of 30 important people to look out for – for comments and developments in the law business arena in the Asia-Pacific legal market regions.


Founded by Asia Law Portal Editor and Publisher John Grimley, this portal serves the two predominant purposes of creating an atmosphere for everyone in the legal field and others to come across updates and information on all the economic opportunities available in the Asia-Pacific region, and for lawyers both inside and outside said region to contribute opportunities within their respective markets that they might know of and to proceed to raise them on this portal, in the capacity as contributors to Asia Law Portal.

In the article containing the list of the 30 people to look out for in the legal field in Asia-Pacific, penned down by John, we are proud to announce that three of them are Malaysians. They are Chew Seng Kok, Gaythri Raman, and Eddie Law. Chew Seng Kok is the Managing Director of Zico Holdings, Inc., Zicolaw being the biggest law firm in Malaysia. Gaythri Raman, Head of the Asia-Pacific Rule of Law & Emerging Markets initiative at LexisNexis, led the LexisNexis efforts to form the Myanmar civil law structures following market liberalisation. She is an author at the powerful Malaysian legal blog LoyarBurok as well. Also on the list was our very own Eddie Law, who is the founder of eLawyer.com.my and Publisher of eLawyer Law Blog Forum, this very blog you are reading from right now, that covers the law business in Malaysia.

Eddie started his career as private practitioner and thereafter he joined an IT company as legal counsel before founded elawyer.com.my. Currently, Eddie is the Managing Director of eLawyer Recruitment, a legal recruitment company which specialises in providing legal recruitment solutions to law firms and large corporations. Drawing from his experience as a private practitioner and later as an in-house lawyer, Eddie has successfully placed lawyers with various firms and corporations (both local and international).

Being nominated as one of the unique 30 individuals, Eddie said, “This is the best new year gift that I have received, at the beginning of 2015 itself. I feel pleasantly surprised and am humbled by being mentioned in the list of the ‘30 People to Watch in the Business of Law in Asia in 2015’. Such a recognition inspires and encourages me to do better in the coming years. I also want to dedicate the glories to God and share such honour with those who helped me along my eLawyer journey.”


Not only that, eLawyer Law Blog Forum was also listed as one of the ’12 Blogs in Asia to Follow in 2015’, per John Grimley of Asia Law Portal. This law blog forum “is one of the largest online legal community in Malaysia with more than 7,500 registered members and… [it]… attracts more than 500,000 hits on a monthly basis.” Visited by people in the legal field of all levels and ages, this forum provides important information about the legal world in Malaysia. The aim of the eLawyer Legal Blog is to create an online forum or platform to update and discuss about the news and trends in the Malaysian legal community. It also intends to create legal awareness amongst the public.



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