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Welcome to eLawyer’s Blog Forum. After scoring a first in December 2007 with the launching of Malaysia’s first privately-owned law portal, eLawyer is at it again……. this time with the launch of the first Law Blog Forum in Malaysia!

One thing leads to another really… when was being setup, we had no idea that we will be attaching a blog forum to our website.

We would like to thank Richard Tan for some really great ideas that has led to this. Richard is an intern from University Malaya, undertaking his final year of law studies in 2008. We have had the privilege to work with him, listen to his feedback on eLawyer and learning how we can be a part of the law community on campus.

So calling all lawyers, law students, law lecturers, tutors and law staff! This is your chance to make your voice heard!

eLawyer is providing this forum for you to pen down your thoughts. You can post anything that relates to the law industry and profession in Malaysia. This includes:

  • Student Essays
  • Law Articles
  • Campus Events
  • Law Firm Events To post, you will need to be signed in as a Basic or Premium Member in Detail instructions to follow in our next post.Just a couple of ground rules – we do not allow defamatory posts, swear words, hate topics and stuff like this. If you are found to post such an article, it will be deleted and your account may be suspended.

    Take this opportunity to make your voice heard…. in
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