Let Us Not Fall Into This Racist Trap – A Plea To All Malaysians

An Open Letter from A Law Student

By Loke Yuen Hong

Horribly, one man can make so many racist incitements and get away with it. After telling the Chinese they are never gonna get equal rights, he went on a rampant recently and all you need to do is just google around and type in Ahmad Ibrahim and there you get his antics. There is no need for me to provide any link here.

Now i am no Nostradamus nor am i a conspiracy theorist. But i can clearly see only one end to these antics if being feed on. The inevitable would be a repeat of history of 13 May, and set us all back another hundred years, with only a few will gain and all the rakyat (citizens) losses. It will break our finally found unity for the sake of a few politicians.

May i just ask all my brother and sister Malaysians and especially fellow Bloggers – Please Do Not Fall Into The Racist Trap.

We shall all refrain from fighting fire with fire.

Please everyone, please not uttering another racist words whether to him or any other person.

Let us all just condemn him by saying “That is racist and we are against it”.

Let us all try to use whatever influence we had to calm the nation and stop the final thrust to be executed.

Let us exorcised the ghost of 13th May and show that we are united against racism and politics of fear.

Let us all be united from falling into this racist trap.

Please, all, be united.

And for that, i thank you for preserving this country, of which us all had a duty to serve and protect.

Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertahktah.
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertahkta.

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4 Responses to “Let Us Not Fall Into This Racist Trap – A Plea To All Malaysians”

  1. Avatar says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Even though I feel upset, it’s better to just let Ahmad’s remarks slide by.

    The Buddha on Criticisms
    A man met the Buddha on the street one day and began to call him mean and ugly names. Buddha listened quietly and thoughtfully until the man ran out of epithets, and had to pause for breath.

    “If you offer something to a man and he refused it, to whom does it belong?” asked Buddha.
    The spiteful man replied, “It belongs, I suppose, to the one who offered it.”
    Then Buddha said, “The abuse and vile names you offer me, I refuse to accept.”
    The man turned and walked away.

  2. admin says:

    Avatar- the Buddha’s answer is very wise.

  3. Avatar says:

    Dear Admin,

    Yes, no point escalating the situation. It’ll just grow out of proportion.

    Just wanted to say great blog you have here. Keep up the good work.
    Too bad most readers like to lurk and don’t comment.

  4. Thank you for publishing my blog entry, Mr Admin. Indeed we all need to calm down or we will fall right into a hole of no return.

    And even if we use Buddha’s answer, those people will still shout on top of their voice. No point, better not deal with these people and isolate them. Preach to more right-minded people instead.

    And thanks Avatar, if not for you, we will never know of this Buddha story. Wisdom lies in the way we accept what is wise. And we shall be yet wiser.

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