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Who will defend the judges?

Monday, July 21st, 2008

by Yong Ling Loong

I didn’t believe what I read in The Star newspaper (15th July 2008). The news seem to overshadow other unbelievable stuff that I have read in The Star over the years.
I know Karpal Singh is against the Establishment, namely Mahathir & cronies. And he is a long-time Opposition man. And wasn’t he the one who lodged a police report against Mahathir over the latter’s remark that some judges had approached him to lobby for their appointment (May 24th 2008 The Star)? But what was reported yesterday really had me thinking – what’s happening?

Karpal did the almost unthinkable. By calling for Justice Ian Chin to be sacked immediately over his criticism of Mahathir and further that “he (Ian) was not a disciplined” person, I had to re-read that. It had me seriously wondering about Karpal Singh’s state of mind. Whose side is he on?
If the Star reporter had quoted him correctly, Karpal had said “I don’t want to have to use the word kurang ajar (ill-bred) but judicially immature,” he said, adding that the judge had been “narrow-minded” in his statements against Dr Mahathir. ”
Hello … why such harsh criticisms against Ian? In fact, the majority of the legal profession is in favour of Ian Chin’s stand. The judges that deserve the description of “Kurang Ajar” or “judicially immature” are corrupt judges, as well as judges who compromise their principles by perverting the course of justice and convicting the innocent. Is Ian guilty of all that?
Surely, Karpal has been misquoted?

Next, it was reported in the same article that Karpal Singh had asked why Justice Chin only revealed the 1997 boot camp episode now after Mahathir had retired instead of making the allegation then.

“Is it because Dr Mahathir has retired and one can attack him now?” he asked.
“If a judge is scared, he does not qualify to be a judge,” Karpal Singh said.
The Star, July 15 2008