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James I.Keane Memorial Award in eLawyering

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

We received a request from Richard Granat, who is presently co-chair of the eLayewring Task Force of the Law Practise Management Section of American Bar Association, to post the below contest: 

The James I. Keane Memorial Award for Excellence in eLawyering is awarded once a year by the Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association at the Annual ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago.

The  Award is named for James I. Keane, the founding Chair of the ABA eLawyering Task Force. The Task Force was created in 2000, when ABA President William G. Paul, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, took the unusual and creative step of asking a Section to assume responsibility for one of his presidential initiatives, namely an examination of ways that lawyers could use the Internet and other electronic resources to deliver legal services to people of moderate means more efficiently and effectively. Last year\’s recipient was the law firm of Cowell Taradash, P.C., based in Chicago, for the web site at .

The ABA eLawyering Task Force of the Law Practice Management Section will review the nominations and select the recipient. The Award Guidelines and Nomination Forms can be found here. Law firms can nominate themselves.

The deadline for submission is January 15. 2009.

Please visit for more information.

Bar Council Election

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Hi, my name is Sasha Lyna Abdul Latif. I’m a member of the Malaysian Bar.

I’m truly sorry that I have to clog your email inbox but I would like to raise this important issue for your consideration.

As most of you are aware, November is when members of the Bar are given an opportunity to elect 12 members onto the Bar Council. Any time soon you will receive a ballot paper where you can vote for the 12 persons that you feel most qualified to lead the Malaysian Bar.

Every year, the Bar Council secretariat will issue more than 12,000 ballot papers but it is disappointing to note that only about 3,000 or so ballots are filled and sent back to the Secretariat.

Are we part of the 9,000 or so members who don’t bother to vote?  Are we the ones responsible for the trees that have to be cut down just so that these ballot papers end up in the waste bin?

I urge ALL of you, fellow members of the Bar not to put the ballot papers to waste! I urge you, to cast your vote; I urge you to tick those who you believe can get the job done; I urge you to urge others to vote!!
Send your ballot paper back to the Bar Council Secretariat by 30 November!

Get others to VOTE too!! Please end this email to all lawyers that you know!

The list of attendance of Council Members at Meetings from 15 March 2008 to 11 October 2008 is as follows:


Open Letter from UUM Law Student – Plead for CLP Exemption

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

After posting the article entitled “UUM Law Students need to do CLP ?”, we received overwhelming feedback and comments from the law students and lawyers on this issue.

This morning, we have also received an anonymous open letter which we believe is from one of the law students from UUM to the relevant authorities. 

The letter read:


Dear Sir/Madam,


1. We would much appreciate if all Agencies, Ministries and Professional Bodies would pay fully attention to the pending recognition of Bachelor of Law Degree in UUM.

2. The facts are:

(a) The design and syllabus of law courses offered match other local universities;

(b) Adequate and international standard facilities provided, namely library, moot court, lecture room and so on;

(c) Two times internship training in Superior court and Subordinate court in each states, law firms or other Professional Bodies;


Let Us Not Fall Into This Racist Trap – A Plea To All Malaysians

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

An Open Letter from A Law Student

By Loke Yuen Hong

Horribly, one man can make so many racist incitements and get away with it. After telling the Chinese they are never gonna get equal rights, he went on a rampant recently and all you need to do is just google around and type in Ahmad Ibrahim and there you get his antics. There is no need for me to provide any link here.

Now i am no Nostradamus nor am i a conspiracy theorist. But i can clearly see only one end to these antics if being feed on. The inevitable would be a repeat of history of 13 May, and set us all back another hundred years, with only a few will gain and all the rakyat (citizens) losses. It will break our finally found unity for the sake of a few politicians.