Open Letter from UUM Law Student – Plead for CLP Exemption

After posting the article entitled “UUM Law Students need to do CLP ?”, we received overwhelming feedback and comments from the law students and lawyers on this issue.

This morning, we have also received an anonymous open letter which we believe is from one of the law students from UUM to the relevant authorities. 

The letter read:


Dear Sir/Madam,


1. We would much appreciate if all Agencies, Ministries and Professional Bodies would pay fully attention to the pending recognition of Bachelor of Law Degree in UUM.

2. The facts are:

(a) The design and syllabus of law courses offered match other local universities;

(b) Adequate and international standard facilities provided, namely library, moot court, lecture room and so on;

(c) Two times internship training in Superior court and Subordinate court in each states, law firms or other Professional Bodies;

(d) Compulsory to attend two interviews and motivation talks called by the Professional Bodies for recognition purpose;

(e) Participation in Inter-university Mooting Competition, National Client Counseling and Law Conference held by other recognized universities;

3. The problems are:

(a) Delay in Law Degree recognition by relevant Professional Bodies which takes almost 5 years (starting from year of 2003);

(b) High percentage to sit for CLP examination which requires non-affordable examination fees and courses taken fees;

(c) Waste of time, effort and money;

(d) Difficulty to seek other employment;

(e) Faced embarrassment, ridicule, disparage and prejudice as unable to do chambering after graduated; and

(f) Unreasonable as law courses offered by local government university itself unrecognized.

4. We really hope all parties would give full co-operation and provide any solutions to help UUM law students to expedite this matter.

Thank you so much.

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7 Responses to “Open Letter from UUM Law Student – Plead for CLP Exemption”

  1. I have a few takes on this;

    First of all, the Bar did not mention anything as to why UUM is not recognised. Meaning – not reasoned decision, at least to the most affected parties i.e. the UUM students. Now, is that transparent? Is that to be expected of the Bar Council?

    CLP notoriously alledgely having a low passing rate, rightly or wrongly. Then at least tell the world why it is so. Saying ‘we strive to ensure the quality of the Bar’ or something like that is inadequate.

    CBE and CBC? Learn the mistakes from CLP before screwing up again.

    It is the reasonably expected level of a propecting chambering student but not other factors that matters. If UUM or those who failed CLP cannot attain the reasonably expected standard of a propecting chambering student, say it so and tell us all why.

    Come on, you are the torch bearer, show some higher standard.

    And i am not even saying this as a part of legal fraternity.

    This is my say as a citizen and a stake holder of this country

    And i stand to be corrected.

  2. Lee Shih says:

    Hi Yuen Hong

    Just to correct something. It is not the Bar Council that decides on the recognition of qualifications for the purposes of admission. It is a completely different entity, the Legal Profession Qualifying Board, that decides on this by virtue of the Legal Profession Act (LPA). More information of the Board is found in Part II of the LPA and the Board is essentially made up of:

    a. the Attorney General who is the Chairman;
    b. two judges nominated by the Chief Justice;
    c. the Chairman of the Bar Council; and
    d. a Dean of the Faculty of Law nominated by the Minister of Education.

    The CLP is also conducted by the Board by virtue of s.5(e) of the LPA.

    I do agree that the Board should be more transparent in providing reasons for their decisions.

  3. Chong Sai Oe says:

    Hi , young man . Please don’t make the common mistake of allowing oneself to be crowded by emotion that would obscure your objectivity if you don’t mind me saying .

    Try to gather more correct facts before you commence any allegation of the unsubstantiated sorts . Apply one’s legal training 7 education into daily practical life as you may chose .

    It’s entirely your own choice .No offence is meant , to any body . In bone fide .

  4. adrif sina says:

    well,as UUM’s law student,it makes me feel limbo because there is no guarantee whether can i become a lawyer or not?…well,everything that related with law course syllabus had been followed,thus,i want to ask here?…what else the LPQB wants?…

  5. angel says:

    so concerned with the uum students.. have anyone thought about the UOL external prog 3rd class grads?? is the system fair to prohibit them from doing CLP? whats the rationale?

  6. crying girl says:


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