Report on eLawyer Law Conference 2009 – Blogging & Law

 “The event is the 1st of its kind that I have attended…”. “Been useful…” “…it was a great conference”. “I missed the conference…” “Eddie, the event was a great success…”.

These are the feedback that we received from the participants who came to our law conference on last week.

Below are some brief report of the event.

We arrived at the law faculty of Univeristy of Malaya (UM) about 8.15am. It was a raining morning and the KL gate of UM was congested as many activities were held in the UM campus on the same day.

“Debbie was conducting briefing with the usherers before the guest arrival.”


 “Our professional usherer was ready to welcome our guest of VIP.”

“Registration started at 9am…a busy morning ahead for our usherers”

“Counter getting busier and crowded”

A BIG thank goes to the members of the law society of UM law faculty for providing such a warm and friendly ushering services.


Eddie Law (founder of eLawyer) and Mr Lee Yoke Loong (from Sin Chew Daily)” 

 “The Auditorium of Tun Mohd Suffian is capable to accomodate 280 people.” 

In fact, we have received more than 300 registrations before the actual date, however, only about 240 people turned up on that day. Well we guess this is the expected result when the admission is free.

The audience consist of lawyers, law students, representative from Attorney General’s Chambers, IP consultant and bloggers from various walks of life.


 “Participants were moving into the auditorium around 9.15am” 


 “The auditorium is almost packed”


“Welcome to eLawyer Law Conference 2009…said the MCee”

 “The MCee of the day, Shan Ping & Hong Ting”


“Eddie Law the fonder of eLawyer was delivering welcoming speech and giving the brief introduction of the history and services of”

(The full speech of Eddie will be uploaded to youtube and this site soon, please stay tune!)

“The 1st topic was Blogging & Intellectual Property Law delivered by our honourable guest speaker, Mr Foong Cheng Leong“.

“Mr Nizam Bashir, our 2nd honourable guest speaker was talking about Blogging & Law which covered Dafamation Laws, prosecution under the Sedition Act, laws relating to ISA and Communications & Multimedia Act,  which are the laws that Malaysian bloggers must be awared of.”

Peter Tan, a respected blogger and DET trainer attended our event too”

When the Q & A session opened, many bloggers stood up to ask questions that pertaining to the law of blogging. Due to time constraint, we were sorry but have to limit the numbers of questions being asked.

After the event, some bloggers suggested that the interactive session should be longer next time or we should consider to have some group discussions during our next conference.   

Julian Hopkins was the 1st one posting question to our speaker”.

“Active blogger, Chris Tock asking question regarding to blogging law”.

After the 2 speeches and respective Q & A sessions, we also held the award ceremony for the winners of the eLawyer Legal Blog Writing Contest 2008. This ceremony and the name of winner will be published in our next post.

Mr Fahri Azzat, one of the judge of the legal blog writing contest receiving a token of appreciation from Eddie”

 “Eddie was giving out the appeciation gift to Mr Lee Shih, another judge of the said contest”

(Dr Azmi Sharom is one of the member of the judging team of the eLawyer Legal Blog Writing Contest 2008, who was not able to attend the ceremony.”)


 “Group photo of some of the VIPs”

“Refreshment and networking session after the conference.”


“Eddie was being interviewed by the senior journalist from a local famous Chinese newspaper-China Press.”

For those who missed the blogging & law conference and want to buy to learn about blogging & law, you may order the DVD recorded on that day:

DVD including full speeches of 2 speakers with slide presentation (plus Q & A session)

Price: RM25 (including shipment to KL & Selangor area)

Method to order: send your name, address, mobile and order quantity to with the title “DVD Order”. We will contact you upon receiving your order.

You may call Eddie at 012-654 6825 for further enquiries.

Below are media coverage:

(Click here to link to the report of NST)

(Coverage by Sin Chew Daily)

(Coverage by China Press)

This law conference also being featured in the Malaysian most popular online media news Malaysiakini

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