The Different Lawyer – Chris Tan Chur Pim

We are glad to conduct this interview with Mr Chris Tan Chur Pim. He is a young and dynamic lawyer, who is wise to take the advantage of IT. Chris’ firm, Chur Associates, is the 1st law firm in Malaysia having presence in Facebook, which has attracted almost 200 members as at today.

Chris Tan is also well known as a lawyer who always thinks “out of the box”. His creativity can be seen from the office design and organisation structure of his firm. In fact, his law firm looks more like a desinger house. He proudly told us that yes, “lawyer is a designer, who designs legal solutions to meet clients’ needs.”

Below is the interview content:


Can you tell us about yourself, in terms of your practice experience and positions that you hold.

I am a Managing Partner of Chur Associates. CA is a boutique legal firm founded in 2004. We specialise in designing legal solutions catered to our clients’ needs. CA’s brand promise is “We Deliver!” To that end, we offer our clients the necessary means and methods to ensure their requirements are met.

 Please refer to for full profile.

This question is a bit odd but I think the law students or those who plan to take up law may be interested to know. Why do you choose to become a lawyer? In your opinion, what are the characters make a good lawyer?

Becoming a lawyer was a logical step for me, since I had what I see as complementary characteristics. One of my strengths is my oration, and I enjoy thoroughly speaking on stage.

It is important for a lawyer to be able to communicate well, in sending the message across. Supporting that would be a person’s analytical skill. Also, a good lawyer should possess the ability to be objective all the time.

Law Firm Management
Can you tell us about Chur Associates, the firm’s background, areas of practice and people?
Chur Associates is a legal firm with a difference – We Deliver!

Area of Expertise
• Contract Negotiation
• Corporate Advisory and Governance
• Dispute Management – Prevention and Resolution
• E-commerce
• Environmental and Resources Management
• Family and Succession
• Intellectual Property Protection
• Joint Venture and Cross Border Investment
• Listing Compliance Advisory
• Multi-Media, Entertainment and Event Management
• Real Property Transaction and Securities
Our people is the backbone of the firm. We believe strongly in human capital and celebrate our people! They define the soul of CA and it is our relentless passion and enthusiasm that help make and keep CA the way it is – a legal practice with a difference. Please find an Open Letter on our website for those who are interested in joining the CA Crew.

We understand that you or your firm are well known for being “difference” or (“very creative”) from other law firms in term of the practice concept, what is it exactly so different between your law firm and the traditional law firm in Malaysia?
I believe the main difference lies in when Chur Associates starts and when we stop. Our aim is to initiate before others, and pursue all available avenues before stopping. On being creative, it is about our culture to encourage unconventional but effective solutions.

It is rather rare to see law firm in Malaysia to register their firm’s name as a trademark. What makes you did so?
The decision was made simply to enhance credibility. CA is an ongoing proposition. It is thus worthwhile to invest in our brand of legal services. This is a component of our aspiration to make CA the legal service provider of choice in the Asia-Pacific – the brand of essential importance.

Being the managing partner of Chur Associates, how do you make sure your team is always in alignment with your vision?
There are many routine practices in Chur Associates that helps keep the CA Crew abreast and in tandem with our common vision. Daily we have the Perfect 10 at 10.10am to set targets for the day. Our Status Meetings are held fortnightly to review our progress as a team and offer suggestions on how to improve. Both the Perfect 10 and Status Meetings are attended by all CA Crew.

Communication is important and the design of the CA Home reflects this. Quasi barriers, whiteboards aplenty and the PA system are tools to encourage effective expression and articulation of ideas. I maintain a monthly Management Journal which is sent via email.

The CA Crew keeps in constant contact with each other via local email, MSN Messenger and social networking site Facebook. This keeps sharing fast and simple. Most importantly, the sharing of ownership of CA.

What is your future plan for Chur Associates? say in the coming 5  years.
Our aspiration is for Chur Associates to be the legal service provider of choice in the Asia-Pacific. To that end, I hope to strengthen my base in Malaysia as well to further develop the CA brand name.

Lawyers and IT

What do you think about IT and Malaysian law firm? Current and future.
Malaysia’s legal industry is still warming up to IT. It is a useful tool; in that internet is a convenient and efficient media of choice. My experience with IT has been good – it has been helpful for me to reach out to people, to connect and to my target market. IT has thus, become important for lawyers, especially in the global world.

I must admit that it is very rare to find a lawyer, like you, who has great passion in the ICT world. In what aspect you think IT or internet can help in your practice?
Chur Associates’ Web 3.0 is a step at improved user experience. The new website is fitted with more information than ever, and it has a more personal touch – our crew profiles and a gallery of CA activities and events. As a pervasive media, the internet is my way of reaching out to people. Also, do check out new features such as the CALculator!

To complement our internet presence is Facebook. We have a Fan Page (, a group ( and all our CA staff are members of the social network.

I also maintain a monthly management journal, which is on CA’s Web 3.0. It is also disbursed via email, through Delivery Otherwise, our monthly newsletter.

What do you think about Do you think it is useful to Malaysian legal industry? is a niche website. It essentially fills a gap in Malaysia’s legal industry. By representing legal professionals, is able to help to distribute information on legal issues online. I personally find your team really committed to your cause.

Current issues

What do you think about the proposed increment of the member subscription fees by the Malaysian Bar?

The proposed increment of the member subscription fees was defeated at the recent EGM.

However, if there is a value proposition in exchange for the increase, I am all for it.

(The said proposal was approved in the latest May EGM, which was after this interview was conducted)

This election brought big surprise to Malaysian, as a Malaysian lawyer how do you feel?

I feel optimistic.

The elections brought about a new political dimension in Malaysia. With the new line-up, there should be an increase in transparency as political parties now have a more stringent check-and-balance. The rakyat can only benefit.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.

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