UUM Law Graduates are exempted from CLP Exam

If you still remember there was a big cry foul over CLP ruling by the UUM law graduates in September 2008. After we have reported it, we have received an open letter written by an annonymous reader (believing to be one of the UUM law graduate) highlighting his/her plight pending the completion of the recognisation process of UUM law degree by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board (LPQB).

This morning, we have again received a comment posted by one of our reader, Ani Munirah, about the recognisation of the UUM law degree by the LPQB.

We reproduce the press statement below (together with the English translation version):


Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa pengiktirafan program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Undang-undang (Kepujian), oleh Lembaga Kelayakan Profesion Undang-undang, Malaysia telah pun diwartakan pada 16 April 2009 dalam warta kerajaan P.U.(B)119 berkenaan pemberitahuan di bawah Seksyen 3 Akta Profesion Undang-undang 1976 [Akta 166].

Notifikasi ini melayakkan pelajar Undang-undang yang telah tamat pengajian Ijazah Sarjana Muda Undang-undang (Kepujian), Universiti Utara Malaysia untuk menjalani latihan guaman mereka (chambering) bermula pada tarikh tersebut.

Universiti Utara Malaysia mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah memberikan kerjasama dan sokongan dalam usaha untuk mendapat pengiktirafan profesional ini.

Prof. Madya Dr Asmah Laili Hj Yeon
Penolong Naib Canselor
Kolej Undang-undang, Kerajaan dan Pengajian Antarabangsa
Universiti Utara Malaysia

PRESS STATEMENT on 23 April 2009 (English transalation)

This is to inform that the recognition of Law Degree (Honours) programme by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board Malaysia have been gazetted on 16 April 2009 in government gazette P. U. (B)119 pertaining to notification under Section 3 of the Legal Profession Act 1976 [Act 166].

This notification qualifies law student who has completed from the Law Degree (Honours) from University Utara Malaysia to undergo pupilage in chamber starting from the date mentioned herein.

University Utara Malaysia express thousands gratitude for those who have rendered cooperation and support in the effort of obtaining this professional recognition.

Associates Professor Dr. Asmah Laili Hj Yeon
Assistant Vice-Chancellor
College of Law, Government and International Studies
Universiti Utara Malaysia

We have further made a call to UUM and have spoken to one of the officer who verified that the press statement was indeed true and we were informed that the same was also reported by 2 local Malay newspaper Kosmo on 18 April and Sinar Harian on 19 April 2009.

You may also read more about this news in the PROUUM Online.

Under section 10 of the Legal Professiona Act:
” The High Court may at its discretion and subject to the Act admits as an advocate and solicitor of the High Court – (a) any qualified person; and (b) any articled clerk who has complied with section 25…”

Section 3 of the Act defines the “qualified person” as any person who-
“(a) has pass the final examination leading to the degreee of Bachelor of Laws of the University Malaya, the University of Malaya in Singapore, the Univeristy of Singapore or the National University of Singapore;

(b) is a barrister-at-law of England;

(c) is in possession of such other qualification as may by notification in the Gazette be declared by the Board to be sufficient to make a person a qualified person for the purpose of this Act”

As such, this case is likely to fall under section 3 (c) of the Act and the relevant UUM law graduates may need to wait for the LPQB to declare them as qualified person before they can proceed to undergoing pupilage in chamber.

Based on our understanding, there were 3 batches of law graduates from UUM thus far. Is this meant that all the previous and future UUM law graduates with honours degree are now qualified to undergoing pupilage in chamber without the need to pass the CLP Exam? or it only applies to the law students who graduate after the gezzatted date?

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  1. amin firdaus says:

    salam n hi to everyone…
    praise be to ALLAH…
    the law course at uum had been recognized few weeks ago…

    the law students from uum…
    would to say thank you for any authorized bodies, who had been worked for this recognition…

    thank you very much…

  2. Patient does pay anyway.

    Personally I thank you those worked hard to ensure that the recognition of the law degree in uum succeed.

  3. congrates to all UUM students….

  4. aslamiahzack says:

    salam…congrates to all UUM law students…alhamdulillah..thank you 4 anybody who had been worked hard for the recognition…

  5. Ani Munirah says:

    May i just comment something, mr.admin. Perhaps to clear some misunderstanding.

    Based on the notification in the gazette, pursuant to section 10 read with section 3 of the LPA, UUM law graduates are now ‘qualified persons’ to file their papers for pupilage, on the same footing with graduates from other public local law schools. For the avoidance of doubt, they need not undergo CLP courses prior to filing their pupilage papers.

    In your 2nd last paragraph, u mentioned that u understand that UUM law graduates may need to wait for LQB to declare them as qualified. Actually, the notification in the gazette serves as declaration that they are qualified, hence, the graduates need not wait for any other consent/approval/declaration. They can even file their pupilage papers right this moment… (Taking into account the court’s operation hours, of course).

    In your last paragraph, you are right when u mentioned that 3 batches have graduated, with the 4th just finished their final semester xm (last paper on 3.5.09). And you questioned about the retrospectiveness of the gazette notification. In my opinion, based on the current legal framework and the wordings of the gazette notification, it should apply to any UUM law graduate, regardless that his/her graduation is prior or after the notification. So long he/she fulfills the requirement i.e. holding LLB (Hons) from UUM, he/she is a ‘qualified person’ within the definition section 3 of the LPA, hence he/she may file her pupilage papers.

    Hope the above assists.

    Ani Munirah – College of Law, Govt and International Studies, UUM Sintok, Kedah

  6. shanyi says:

    good explanation, madam

  7. lord denning says:

    congratz tu UUM…if im not mistaken UUM got this after almost 4 yrs isnt?hope UDM got it too…hmmm….i wish that i could go for chambering next year (2010)……unfortunately……..

  8. ekin kasim says:

    congrats to all uum law students…
    special taxt to all those people who had work hard….

  9. afiqa says:

    I’m 2nd batch from USIM law faculty..graduated already
    we currenty in deadlock situation, especially who are eagerly want to practice..
    the recognition process is still on going..but i think..the uni need to use all the resource they can to experdite the recognition..(common la, this is gov uni)
    i guess certain ”person’ need to raise this matter ..but who? the law faculty almost 7 years standing..

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