UUM Law Students need to do CLP?

This is another undesired scene that we do not want to see in the legal education system in Malaysia.

A parent of one of the law graduates of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) wrote to The Star complaining that his/her daughter are now left in a limbo as she cannot proceed with her chambering due to the fact that UUM law degree is not recognised by Bar Council for admission to Malaysian Bar.

On the next day the complain letter of the angry parent being published, the director of Legal Profession Qualifying Board, Muniandy Kannyappan, responded that UUM law degree is definitely recognised by the Qualifying Board, however, they are still decising if UUM law graduates are exampted from taking Certificate in Laegal Practice (CLP) exam, if the said graduates want to practise law in Malaysia. 

On the same day, the Malaysian Bar via its website has also clarified that, in fact, they did join the Qualifying Board to visit 2 local universities namely UUM and Melacca Multimedia University (MMU) in August and September respectively to assist in the evaluation of the law courses conducted in these 2 universities.

In fact, we at eLawyer has also heard law students from UUM complaining that they are in the situation of helpless and anxious due to the reason stated above. 

What make us puzzle is that didn’t the law students knew that they will need to sit for CLP after they graduated? Since UUM has started to offer law course in 2003, why can’t the evaluation being conducted at that point of time or even before UUM start taking in law students? (we are sure the syllabus and academic team has been ready by then). Why the evaluation only conducted at the last minute?

We definitely need a more well organised, efficient and professionally managed legal education system than this.


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27 Responses to “UUM Law Students need to do CLP?”

  1. Avatar says:

    IMHO, most of these students probably thought by the time they finish the law degree, the CLP Board would have approved the university’s course. Too bad it’s taking so long.

    On another side note, isn’t the CLP up for a review? Thought they were going to abolish it and replace it with the CBE? Maybe it’s on the back burner for the moment with the current political situation.

  2. a says:

    Checked out with the students and people will be shocked that actually MMU did advertised their law course in the papers at the initial stage emphasizing that students will be exempted from CLP, in which this can no longer be seen now. What does it indicate? I wonder how will the students be thinking about this. I personally think that this is an irresponsible act

    A number of students who were doing their LLB twinning program actually transfered to the university due to the said above reason. What should they do? Heard that UUM students have been waiting for about a year for the CLP exemption issue to be settled. Meaning that MMU students will need to wait for the same time period? Is this how the education system work?People are already fed up with the politics of the nation, now here comes such problem in the education system. If a degree from a local univiversity is not recognised, why should we recognise a degree from foreign universities then?!This is just so ridiculous

  3. undergrad says:

    it is not what they think – it is that they have been promised by the university.
    we recognise oral promises in law, dont we?

  4. Distressed student says:

    As a student of UUM law course, I was continually assured by the university authorities that we would be exempted from CLP upon graduation. However, looking at the situation where our seniors are left in limbo after graduating, I couldn’t help but feel anxious about our future. The question now is when will the degree be recognized and exempted from CLP? And if it does not, what is the purpose of studying this degree for an extended time of 4 years as compared to 3 years in a private institution? The sooner we know of the LPQB’s decision, the easier it is for us to determine our next course of action.

  5. undergrad says:

    worst out of the worst, people will lose hope in public university. dont ever complain abt brain-drain then!

  6. Jenny says:

    I’m one of the law graduates from UUM. So sad to say that we have been waiting from end of May until now. Not including my senior who had left in limbo for almost one year! The Professional Bodies tried to call us for interview for almost three times. Finally, we successfully to meet them between 24-26 August.

    Can anyone give us any explanation? NO!!!!! Why I can’t see any big effort made by our university to push Bar Council to give us a final decision? LIVE or DIE? At least an answer!!!

    My suggestion is that there shouldn’t be any CLP or CBE. We are local university students graduated from UUM. We are four years students and not three years jurisprudence students!!! But what so different between us? I can feel totally unfairness!!!

    There is a high percentage that we won’t get any exemption from this examination even we had graduated. Do you ever think that there may be a quota to limit the number of candidates pass in the exam? How about the fees and time will spend for it? What if we fail the exam? I can’t imagine that i waste my four years in UUM but cannot practice as an Advocate and Solicitor!

    i really feel disappointed with our legal education in Malaysia. They seem like won’t sympathize with our condition. Only if this happens to their children then they will feel the pain and shame…..

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  8. arcangel says:

    My personal opinion(just personal opinion,NO OFFENCE) is abolish that so called clp or cbe examination.Such an unfair and untransparent stuff.
    Or try to adopt Like UK BVC,everybody whose graduated from law need to do that.fair to everybody.and do it fair with no quata….easier and standardize,private o local do it together…of course whose from local will feel unfair.But don’t think that private are easier to pass.Somehow,the twining programme can just pass like that..zzz…..
    (if everybody do it together,only those competance candidates can practise in malaysia)i think that is fair enough to everyone.

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  10. ok says:

    good site zmfsad

  11. Janice says:

    HEI!!! We are STILL left in limbo. there is no answer from any person at all. why the LQB keep on delay the matter. Who is the victims here? Don’t they realise? Please “BUAT KERJA”.

  12. adrif sina says:

    that’s the problem with the legal system in malaysia…i’m quite weird of how this course is being offered in UUM since 2003,but,until now,there is no black and white whether can we,the law students in UUM do chambering without taking the CLP?…hopefully,the responsible authorities do something in solving this problem…because we enter into this course with appropriate result…

  13. Janice says:

    Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) had offered Law Programme (LLB) since 2003, this 4 years programme had already cover the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) syllabus and to put on a par with UM, UKM, UIA and UITM which means exemption from the CLP examination. On November 2007 the 1st batch of the law graduates was produced with joy. A SWEET DREAM IS SHORT-LIVED. The 1st batch Law Graduates cannot undergo their 9 months pupilage period. Things become worst on June 2008 and November 2008 the 2nd and 3rd batch Law Graduates was produced and they are facing the same problem as their senior till today.

    UUM form this programme with a comprehensive plan. To become a Law graduates, ones need to undergo this 4 years programme. The Law Faculty complete the Law graduates with mock-trail practices, mooting competitions and the Law graduates will be send to participate in the Mooting Competitions or Client Counselling Competition organised by other University, so that the Graduates get the opportunities to learn from others and to be more confidence to represent other the next day.

    The Programme require the students to undergo 2 times practical training during their semester break in the aim of what the students gain in lecture hall can be put into practice.

    I truly appreciate the programme; it is a more advance programme than the others. The Programme completes the students with basic accounting knowledge, computer skills and management ability.

    To maintain good relationship with other organisations, the Faculty hold Law Conference, Career Talk, Talk on Contemporary Issues each and every semester. Members from the Bar Council, Representatives from the AG Chambers, and Representatives from Government Organisation as well as private sectors are invited to share their experience and knowledge to the students.

    BUT, the abovementioned hard works go down the ‘big’ drain. No matter how hard UUM, the Faculty, Law graduates and students try from first to last its mean nothing for the LQB. The time, money and hard works spend by the lecturers, the Government, the Law graduates and parents mean nothing to the tiger.

    Imagine how much money the Government need to spend to produce a University Graduate. The University are required to follow the standard impose by the Ministry of Education and again its mean nothing to the tiger.

    If there is any defect in the Law Programme why the tiger keep quite when the Faculty propose the programme to them. Since the Tiger Board is form by experienced members and always prepare to ‘BUAT KERJA’ they should suggest something. The TRUTH is the smiling tiger, hide their TEETH at the back and remain silent.
    Now, the Law Graduates become the ‘food’. Who is going to give concern when the Graduates’ dream becomes nightmare? The parents are sad, the graduates are frustrated. This is what the smiling tiger with ‘goodwill’ from the Tiger Board want it to be and this is a comedy for the tiger.

  14. Malaysian says:

    now what? so it is safer to do LLB external and UK transfer programme? Why dun the Bar council or anyone who got anything to do with CLP clarify or published their statements on the newspaper. In this case, they are more accountable if anything happens.

  15. angel says:

    uum students were left in a doubt situation.. then wat abt the UOL external prog grads who obtained 3rd class?????????????

    obtaining a 3rd class after spending thousands of ringgit and wasting 4 yrs of their life.. definitely means a full stop to their career… they are left with no other option… no CLP is allowed for them… why are they ignored

  16. janice says:

    Bear in mind tht we enter into this course with appropriate result. each of the UUM law graduates already achieve certain standard that enable them to take this course. Hi, angle, obtaining 3rd class is none of our business, when you decide to enter this course you should prepare to work hard.
    in the study time you can’t even manage your own work and time and this shows in your result means you are not qualified because during the chambering period you are not deals with your own problem but the problem of your master, other senior lawyers and the clerks in your firm. you can’t manage your own things so how about other things which is not related to you.

  17. disaster says:

    i wish that english language used was a little more appropriate.. well some improvement in grammar is urgently needed.. thanx for the advise anywayssss

  18. janice says:

    i’ll try to improve my english. i wrote this because my sister was a law graduate in UUM (victim).
    i hope that you will feel malu because of the 3rd class you get, you deserve to be ignore.

    anyway it not the end of the world. go to enter other fields but not law.

  19. Hi there janice,

    Just wondering on who is your sister anyway?

    Are you a law student from UUM too?

  20. adrif says:

    miss janice…
    as ur junior…
    we just can hope and wait of what will happen with our law programme in uum…
    what are you doing now?…

  21. janice says:

    i’m not your senior but my sister was.

  22. adrif sina says:

    oh,is it?…
    sorry for that mistake…

  23. Ani Munirah says:


    Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa pengiktirafan program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Undang-undang (Kepujian), oleh Lembaga Kelayakan Profesion Undang-undang, Malaysia telah pun diwartakan pada 16 April 2009 dalam warta kerajaan P.U.(B)119 berkenaan pemberitahuan di bawah Seksyen 3 Akta Profesion Undang-undang 1976 [Akta 166]. Notifikasi ini melayakkan pelajar Undang-undang yang telah tamat pengajian Ijazah Sarjana Muda Undang-undang (Kepujian), Universiti Utara Malaysia untuk menjalani latihan guaman mereka (chambering) bermula pada tarikh tersebut.

    Universiti Utara Malaysia mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah memberikan kerjasama dan sokongan dalam usaha untuk mendapat pengiktirafan profesional ini.

    Prof. Madya Dr Asmah Laili Hj Yeon
    Penolong Naib Canselor
    Kolej Undang-undang, Kerajaan dan Pengajian Antarabangsa
    Universiti Utara Malaysia

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  25. ateeha says:

    Dear all..
    I’ve a little bit confused with the law graduations of MMU..
    does it really true that they will be exempted from the CLP?? as we can see it in their adv…
    can it be trusted?? please..anybody who know about this…
    Anyway, congrats for all law graduates from UUM for getting the professional recognition!!=)

  26. Ani Munirah says:

    Dear ateeha & all,

    Being part of academic team at UUM, i can tell u updates and happenings in relation to law degree at UUM. Hence, in relation to MMU, i can only tell u that i was told (i’m not at all related to MMU) that their situation is exactly like ours.

    Every time LQB came to check on us, they also went to MMU. And when we got the approval letter some time in April this year, i was told (i could not verify this) that MMU also got the same letter some time after we did. However, when i checked google, nothing came out about MMU law degree updates.

    Perhaps mr.admin from elawyer team can check further?

    Ani Munirah – College of Law, Government & International Studies, UUM

  27. evonne says:

    erm..I am going to do law in MMU soon…And I have been told that this year is the first year MMU exempted from CLP…but the LQB will keep on review every certain period …so it is a great news for students who want to do law !!!
    I hope the exemption of CLP will last forever !!!

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