Would You Leave Your Business Decisions To Chance?

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Running a business isn’t easy as the nature of business itself involves risk, especially when it comes to payment terms offered on credit. As many business transactions are conducted on credit, it’s important for every business owner and organization to make the best decisions when it comes to credit.

But how does one make the right business decisions? More importantly, informed decisions when it comes to credit? The answer is simple: ensure that you have all the information that you need at your fingertips, and that your information is sufficient, accurate and easy to access. This is where the CTOS Compre Report comes in – it’s your one-stop reference when it comes to business credit information, whether it’s your own or that of a potential customer, partner or vendor.

What’s in the CTOS Compre Report?

 The CTOS Compre Report is exactly what the name says it is – comprehensive. It’s a detailed, in-depth compilation of various types of information required to better understand a business. From business registration details to financial information, litigation records, directorship and shareholding information, it’s all there.

Also included in the CTOS Compre report is the complete Banking Payment History of the business in question, including full CCRIS information. That means trade referee listings, dishonoured cheque information and more.

To summarize, the CTOS Compre Report contains the following:

  • Business registration details for ID verification
  • Financial, directorships, shareholder and share capital information
  • Litigation records, legal cases and case details
  • Banking Payment History (with CCRIS Summary, Details, Derivatives and Dishonoured Cheques details)
  • Trade referee listings
  • Historical enquiries about credit evaluation

As Malaysia’s leading Credit Reporting Agency, we’re confident that the information available in our CTOS Credit Report will add immense value to your business and the relevant decision-making processes.

How can the CTOS Compre Report benefit my business?

Knowledge is always empowering. With the right information, you can:

  • Make better, informed business decisions
  • Avoid unnecessary credit risk
  • Have more control and leave less to chance

When you have this much information about the business you’re checking up on, it becomes a breeze to make informed decisions. By identifying potential risk immediately, you’ll be able to improve your risk management process and avert financial loss.

How much is the CTOS Compre Report and how do I purchase it?

The CTOS Compre Report is currently available at RM199 (normal price RM299). To order, please contact us at 03-2722 8882


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